during daily work such as twisting towel s, cooking wok, holding

during daily work such as twisting towel s, cooking wok, holding

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First wipe the inside of the front windshield clean, then spray an appropriate amount of antifogging agent, and then wipe it clean with a towel. The antifogging agent can form a waterproof layer between the water molecule and the inner surface of the glass, thus keeping the glass clean and preventing fogging. Of course, if there is no car antifogging agent, you can also use detergent or body wash instead.

Recently, we often encounter some patients with pain on the outside of the elbow joint in the outpatient clinic, and the pain is obviously limited during daily work such as twisting towels, cooking wok, holding children, and so on. In fact, the disease they suffer from is called “external humeral epicondylitis”. Because the disease often occurs in tennis players, we usually call it “tennis elbow”. Today, we are here to popularize the relevant knowledge of this disease.

After the training, the workers went to the door of the canteen to enjoy the fire bulletin produced by each workshop. After evaluation, the assembly workshop won the first place, the sales and quality department won the second place, and the wool factory, machine factory and truck crane branch won the third place. Then fire evacuation emergency drill and fire hose connection, water belt carrying fire extinguisher return run and other activities were carried out in turn. The staff of the Security Department explained the general knowledge of fire evacuation and each handed out a wet towel. Professionals lit smoke bombs in the tent to simulate the fire scene, and the workers fled the fire scene quickly and orderly in accordance with the requirements. In order to enhance the participation and demonstration role of the fire emergency drill, the company also organized the personnel participating in the exercise to carry out fire hose connection, water belt and fire extinguisher return running and other activities. In the fire hose connection competition, the truck crane branch won the first place, carrying the water belt to carry the fire extinguisher back and forth, the assembly branch won the first good result.

Furthermore, when it comes to traveling, mesh bags with zippers are a must-have accessory. They offer an organized and compact solution for packing your suitcase or backpack. Separate your clean clothes from your dirty laundry, easily find and access specific items, and keep your travel essentials secure throughout your journey. These bags are not only practical but also versatile. They can be used for various purposes such as organizing toiletries, storing shoes, or even as a beach bag for wet towels and swimwear.

I believe that everyone knows more about the seriousness of this epidemic, so in-car disinfection is essential. In particular, the steering wheel, door handles, seats, dashboards, ceilings, air conditioning ducts and other parts of the bacteria are the most, so we need to focus on fine disinfection. Before starting the vehicle again, we can use disposable alcohol cotton or 75-degree alcohol wet towels to wipe the above key parts of the car.

In addition, if the structure in the middle of the pillow is too soft, it is easy for the baby to sink when lying on top, resulting in extra towels or other clothing to adjust the height, so the firmness of the breast-feeding pillow is also important. Should choose the inner filling structure is more compact, press up a little bit hard style, so that the baby can lie on it for breastfeeding.