and apply a wet and cold towel on his forehead

and apply a wet and cold towel on his forehead

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Today is the fourth day I came to Wuhan. President Song led the team to communicate with the hospital again, the access to the intensive care unit has been basically reasonable, and the facilities will be gradually improved. When they returned to the station, each group of personnel carried out the assessment of wearing and taking off isolation clothes respectively, and every step was meticulous and every detail was not missed. Among them, the critically ill group attracted the most attention, not only with “doors” but also with “chlorine towels”, trying to imitate actual combat. The examination team required each member to wear protective equipment for at least four hours of adaptability training to prevent accidents. ? In our critical group, all nurses are reasonably divided into seven nursing groups, and the next work is arranged, including work flow and emergency plan.

and apply a wet and cold towel on his forehead

Hair care? You should know this knowledge! Many friends dry their hair directly with a hair dryer after washing their hair. in fact, the consequence is that the hair becomes more and more yellow, irritable, and the quality of the hair will get worse if it is not soft. it is easy to catch a cold at the thought of natural dryness, but direct blowing or too high temperature will damage the hair. When this entanglement, wipe it with a towel until it is not dripping. First, the hot air blows the hair root to dry the scalp quickly, and then dry the whole hair with a moderate gentle wind. By the way, comb the hair softly so as to avoid hair explosion, and reduce the perm and dye the hair at least once every six months.

Finally, install the thermal insulation cover on the top of the foot bath basin to complete the preparatory work, if you do not buy the thermal insulation cover, you can also use towels instead. The thermal insulation cover is made of super-elastic cloth material, which can adapt to people of different foot sizes, and it is relatively convenient to use.

Hair itself is a warm and humid environment, it is very easy to absorb and hide all kinds of garbage, such as bacteria and dust in the air, as well as our secretions such as sweat stains and grease, plus the residue of shampoo after shampoo. These substances will adhere to the towel because of wiping.

Newborns eat more, urine volume will be a lot, plus under the bladder, so the frequency of urination will be more. What adults need to do is to change diapers frequently to prevent red buttocks. Every time I pee, I have to wash the little PP. I have seen a lot of mothers like to scrub their buttocks with all kinds of wet wipes. I do not agree with this approach. My choice is: wash it with clean water, dry it with a special baby towel and apply a layer of oil to keep your ass clean.

01 bathroom wall cleaning toilet generally choose floor tile or floor tile, because often tap water, the wall will be splashed with a variety of water marks, in wiping can use detergent or decontamination mixed with cold water, wipe with a clean towel, wipe dry and then clean with warm water, finally wipe with a neat cloth. The walls of the bathroom should be cleaned frequently, usually once a week.

Dry weather, anger in the body and other reasons can easily cause nosebleeds in young children. At this time, the teacher will guide the child to lean forward, open his mouth to breathe, squeeze the cartilage under the bridge of his nose with his fingers, and apply a wet and cold towel on his forehead to promote the retraction of capillaries.

JuJuBe mother bag from the United States is the most suitable for parents who care about cleaning problems. Because its surface cloth is covered with patented Teflon coating, the waterproof and anti-stain effect is better than the general anti-splashing cloth, even if it is stained with sauce or pigment, it is clean with a gentle wipe with a wet paper towel. There is also a patented silver ion coating, which can effectively prevent the breeding of mold, which is more reassuring during the epidemic; and it can be washed directly with the washing machine when it is dirty, and the bag can be easily kept clean at any time.

A lot of dirty stuff will be taken out! After this method of handling the washing machine, it will become very clean. If it is a wave washing machine that has not been cleaned for a long time, you can first wipe the inner tube with a towel stained with white vinegar, and then let the white vinegar slowly dissolve the dirt for half an hour.

Personal protection should be done when dealing with pollutants to avoid direct contact with pollutants. When textiles (including clothes, towels, tablecloths and napkins, etc.) are contaminated with vomit or feces, the solid dirt should be removed first, and then soaked in a chlorine-containing disinfectant solution containing 500mg/L for 30 minutes before washing, or steam or boiling for 30 minutes. Aerosols should be avoided during the process.

There are a lot of blossoming things at home now, including some towels she bought temporarily, towels I specially prepared for her, all kinds of gadgets, one wearing a rabbit hat, and the one I like most is the little shark! Hold the soft one, just like holding you!