their mouth and nose with wet towel s and bowed their

their mouth and nose with wet towel s and bowed their

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Gone are the days when students had to juggle between multiple bags. The school bag with a sport bag offers a seamless transition between academic and athletic life. With separate compartments for books, notebooks, laptop, and school supplies, it provides ample space and organization for all your study requirements. In addition, the dedicated sports compartment allows you to carry your gym clothes, shoes, water bottle, and even a towel, making it perfect for extracurricular activities, workouts, or sports practice.

In line with the principle of “safety first”, teachers in all classes organize children to evacuate quickly and scientifically in an orderly manner. Under the leadership of the teacher, the middle and large class children covered their mouth and nose with wet towels and bowed their body. under the guidance of the teacher, the small class children also evacuated orderly along the designated evacuation route and evacuated to the designated safe area.

Subsequently, firefighters explained to teachers and students in detail the matters needing attention in the event of a fire, as well as the 119 alarm after the fire, the use of fire extinguishers, the method of covering the nose with towels, escape and self-rescue, and so on. Then, connecting the fire hose is another special “fire” competition held by the students. The students simulated the daily use of fire hoses by firefighters, throwing hoses, connecting and installing water guns, and a series of coherent movements were carried out methodically, and firefighters standing by gave them a thumbs-up.

2. After getting eczema, many parents will choose not to give their baby a bath, in fact, it can be washed, but the frequency should not be too much, and the water temperature should not be too high, about 32-35 degrees Celsius in summer. 35-37 degrees Celsius in winter is fine, dry with a soft towel after taking a bath, do not wipe, that is, do not stimulate the fragile skin barrier.

And in the hotel design, the equipment and facilities of the hotel room can not be ignored. In the design of the guest room, in addition to professional equipment such as water supply and drainage, strong and weak electricity, HVAC, fire alarm and so on, equipment related to the direct use of guests, such as mini refrigerator, television, safe, subwoofer, sound, electric kettle and, where possible, a desktop computer or a batch of spare portable computers can be set up for guest use. Bathroom equipment, such as shower, bathtub, washbasin, toilet, towel rack, shower curtain rod, towel rack, soap box, toilet carton, mouthwash cup holder, mouthwash cup, hairdryer, newsbag, clothesline. All these should be taken into account by the designer.

Students take the initiative to cook and cook in the kitchen, learn to take care of themselves, know how to safely use exergy knives, know how to save every grain, take the initiative to make the bed, clean the room, take out garbage, and know how to protect the living environment; take the initiative to wash dishes and simple clothes (towels, T-shirts, pants, socks, underwear, etc.), know how to save water.

3. Hair after tanning can also be repaired with olive oil. Apply olive oil to your hair, comb it with a comb, wrap it with a towel, wait for an hour or so, rinse with shampoo, and then apply conditioner to make the hair soft and bright.

Ai Zhizhen is famous for her intelligence, and the elements of intelligence are all over the bathroom. Among them, the intelligent bathroom cabinet not only has a beautiful shape. It also has adjustable light bath room mirror, LED time display, anti-fog and other functions, which can be combined with intelligent toilet, shower room, bathtub, hardware shower, electric towel rack and other intelligent products to form a complete full-health intelligent system, so that the bathroom becomes a harbor to relax, relieve fatigue and adjust mood.

their mouth and nose with wet towel s and bowed their

In the process of rising room temperature, you can also prepare baby bath supplies, bathtub, bath towels, towels, clean clothes and diapers, shampoo, buttocks cream, baby moisturizer, touch oil (ready for touching), belly button stickers, etc.